Work Plan
The main aim of the SIRENE proposal is to support the growth of social innovation ecosystems delivering eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services for SHAFE (Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments) implementation in Europe, by providing a workable framework for investment and the broad adoption of highquality smart living solutions, combining the housing sector and ICT infrastructure.
SIRENE will facilitate an EU-wide network of networks connecting different actors and perspectives under a common theme, to test and implement SHAFE innovations for a stronger directionality towards the twin transition, with economic, social and environmental sustainability, including at local level and in rural areas.

In order to achieve its main objective, SIRENE action will pursue a number of clearly defined operational objectives, concretely:

Objective 1:

Promoting social innovation implementation and investments in eco-friendly inclusive environments, by developing a robust framework and tools for Social Innovation ecosystems build and expansion.

Objective 2:

Installing and promoting a co-creation network of experts and local ecosystems that enables the identification of requirements and needs and that validates the framework.

Objective 3:

Developing a sustainability strategy to enable the framework implementation and access to funding, by harnessing the potential of Social Innovation to support inclusive, eco-friendly and independent living.

SIRENE Work Packages

• To perform a collection of state-of-the-art solutions and good practices relating to innovative approaches, standards and guidelines for responsive, inclusive eco-friendly living environments and the social innovation practices that enable their implementation, including funding mechanisms.

• To distil and synthesise the collected data into a framework with conditions, requirements and needs that will be condensed into a cloud-based data repository, available for consultation by experts and stakeholders.

• To envision a Good Practices Blueprint used for developing a proof of concept for a user-oriented, clear and accessible infographic-based social innovation framework for responsive, inclusive eco-friendly environments.
To create and nurture experts and ecosystems, feeding the building of the social innovation framework.

  • To test the social innovation framework at local level, by validating it to a final version.

  • To approach the ethical impacts of the social innovation framework and stakeholders.
  • To increase awareness of innovation actors regarding social innovation concepts

  • To make social entrepreneurs aware of potential business opportunities around SHAFE and provide them tools to seek funding and investment that are sustainable and ready for further exploitation.

  • To ensure that business actors have access to social innovation and entrepreneurial knowledge.
To interface with the external world to promote the results and disseminate them to the broadest audience.

  • To maximize the innovation, social and economic impact of the project.

  • To maximize the exploitation of results by consortium members, including impact on relevant standards.

  • To engage with relevant stakeholders and initiatives to adopt and support the projects’ outcomes.
  • To manage the project to achieve smooth operation of all aspects and successful implementation of the CA.

  • To comply with provisions of the Contract and CA in respect of reporting including financial reporting.

  • To set up international communication and to organise consortium meetings appropriately.

  • To deal with risks and assure quality, perform planning, internal progress control and technical evaluation.

  • To ensure project activities and service content conform to ethics and data protection principles.

  • To ensure that the project achieves the highest quality measured against defined objectives.

SIRENE Deliverables

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