Watch the recording of the 4th SIRENE Capacity Building & 5th Science Café

SIRENE Science Cafes aim to increase awareness regarding the Social Innovation aspects. In this session, we merged both the Capacity Building webinar and Science Cafe, bringing the best of innovation that meets business!

Two prominent speakers shared their insights stemming from EU projects management, working with entrepreneurs, SMEs, and industrial players. In the first part of the session, we explored the concept of connecting social innovation with technical and business innovation, highlighting how their integration can drive sustainable development and improve quality of life. We defined each type of innovation, discussed their intersections, and presented real-world examples of successful integrated initiatives.

Key benefits, practical steps for integration, best practices, and future trends were covered, emphasizing the importance of collaboration among communities, businesses, and technology sectors.

In the second part of the session, we unlocked the Business-to-Government model designed to empower startups and SMEs with essential knowledge and tools for successful engagement in innovation procurement processes. By enabling collaboration between public and private sectors, participants gained insights on leveraging innovation procurement’s potential in boosting growth and competitiveness.

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