Unlocking Synergies: SIRENE Joins Forces with INTEGER’s Col·laboratory

In a strategic alliance, SIRENE has seamlessly integrated into INTEGER‘s groundbreaking Collaboratory, a Horizon Europe initiative at the forefront of revolutionizing collaboration in Healthy Living and Wellbeing. INTEGER’s innovative approach focuses on Quadruple Helix knowledge flows, fostering partnerships among academia, businesses, public bodies, and citizens.

The Need for an EU INTEGER Col·laboratory

INTEGER addresses the pressing need for a methodology and platform to bolster collaboration in health and well-being across European regions. By promoting win-win dynamics, co-creation, and training for ‘collabers,’ INTEGER aims to bridge social, business, and technological innovation. The EU INTEGER Col·laboratory emerges as a hub for cooperative, peer-to-peer innovation, integrating Quadruple Helix elements.

Your Invitation to Contribute

INTEGER opens its doors to all stakeholders interested in health and well-being innovation. Collaboration brings mutual benefits, including knowledge exchange, addressing societal needs, anticipating changes, and fostering a dynamic and sustainable community. Join the EU INTEGER Col·laboratory to share experiences, learn, co-design, and contribute to groundbreaking advancements in European health.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Exchange experiences and knowledge
  • Learn from transformations in other sectors
  • Co-design future facilitating actions
  • Pioneer the European health field
  • Develop long-term collaborations
  • Your Opportunity to Shape the Future of Health Innovation!

More information about INTEGER can be found here: https://integercollab.eu/

To join the EU INTEGER Col·laboratory on Health and Wellbeing, please, fill out and sign the membership form to join the community.

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