Unlocking Synergies: SIRENE and INTEGER Unite for European Innovation Ecosystems

In a remarkable collaboration, the SIRENE and INTEGER projects are spearheading the charge towards a more inclusive and innovative European landscape. Their joint publication, titled “Towards the social innovation lighthouse: European ecosystems addressing the innovation divide” sheds light on their shared mission and progress. 

SIRENE, a Horizon Europe-funded initiative, focuses on empowering social and private entrepreneurs to enhance well-being and housing conditions, while INTEGER is dedicated to developing robust, sustainable, and inclusive ecosystems for healthy living. Together, they aim to bridge the innovation divide and accelerate progress across the EU. 

The publication outlines the key endeavors of both projects. SIRENE is building a comprehensive Social Innovation framework and tools that bring together stakeholders from various sectors to drive eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services. Meanwhile, INTEGER is interconnecting 4 Helix Innovation Ecosystems, establishing collaborative “Col·laboratories” and empowering “col·labers” to catalyze transformative projects in the field of Healthy Living. 

By sharing knowledge, experiences, and resources, SIRENE and INTEGER are fostering synergies that pave the way for scalable, long-term impact. Their initiatives address the challenges of knowledge exchange, stakeholder representation, and the integration of social innovation across European ecosystems. 

These twin projects invite a wide array of stakeholders to join their co-creation networks, shaping the development and validation of innovative frameworks and tools. Their collective efforts aim to ensure that regions across the EU can benefit from inclusive growth and innovation, aligning with the goals of the European Innovation Agenda and the 2030 SDGs targets. 

The collaboration between SIRENE and INTEGER reflects a firm commitment to tackle the deep innovation divides, nurture sustainable ecosystems, and drive positive change. Together, they illuminate the path towards a future where social innovation thrives, embracing the triple transition of social, green, and digital advancements. 

To learn more about the remarkable work of SIRENE and INTEGER and their shared vision for a brighter future, dive into the full publication. Let’s collaborate and create a Europe that thrives on innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity!

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