Unlocking New Horizons in Social Innovation: A Conversation with Carina Dantas on ECHAlliance Podcast

ECHAlliance podcast

We are excited to share a remarkable podcast episode featuring Carina Dantas, the CEO of SHINE2Europe and the coordinator of the SIRENE project. Carina recently made a guest appearance on the ECHAlliance podcast, hosted by Federica Porcu, Innovation Manager at ECHAlliance. In this engaging conversation, Carina delves into the captivating collaboration between the SIRENE project and the INTEGER project (Interconnecting 4 Helix Innovation Ecosystems in European Regions).

One of the highlights of this collaboration is their joint publication titled “Towards the Social Innovation Lighthouse: European Ecosystems Addressing the Innovation Divide.” This insightful publication explores how a multidisciplinary approach can pave the way for innovative solutions and tackle the innovation divide across European regions.

Carina and Federica delve deep into the collaborative spirit driving both projects, emphasizing the shared commitment to social innovation and community-driven progress. They discuss the significance of ecosystems that transcend traditional boundaries, fostering inclusivity, and sustainability in innovation.

For more exciting updates and insights from the SIRENE project, be sure to visit our website regularly. We are dedicated to fostering social innovation and creating Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments, and we are happy and proud to share this remarkable podcast episode with you. Stay connected with us as we continue our journey towards a more innovative and inclusive future.

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