Third SIRENE Expert Hub Workshop: Exploring Ecosystems, Finance, and Funding in Social Innovation

Third SIRENE Expert Hub workshop

The SIRENE project continues to pave the way for sustainable community-based services and Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) in Europe. On June 16th, the SIRENE Expert Hub convened for its highly anticipated third workshop, focusing on ecosystem dynamics, finance and funding, and the emerging trends and challenges in the realms of social innovation, healthy aging, independent living, and more. This insightful gathering brought together experts from various fields, including community intervention and care, ICT for independent living, policy funding, social innovation, health and social sciences, urban transformation, housing, architecture, and design.

The workshop kicked off with a comprehensive introduction of the SIRENE project done by Carina Dantas from SHINE 2Europe, providing a valuable context for the discussion ahead. The SHINE 2Europe, as the coordinator of the SIRENE project, aims to foster sustainable and inclusive communities by leveraging innovative approaches and technologies.

During the workshop, participants had the privilege of engaging with the Chair of the SIRENE Expert Hub – Matteo Zallio, who delivered an enlightening 30-minute session after which, divided into three breakout rooms, attendees delved into interactive discussions exploring various aspects of ecosystem dynamics, finance, and funding.

As the breakout sessions concluded, each group was prompted to identify their top priority from the discussions. This exercise allowed experts to focus on the most pressing issues specific to their domains, ensuring a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the challenges at hand.

The workshop’s plenary session, led by ISRAA, offered an opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing and all experts were invited to collectively determine the most relevant priority for further exploration.

The third SIRENE Expert Hub workshop was a resounding success, fostering insightful discussions and forging connections among experts from diverse backgrounds. The identified priorities will serve as a foundation for future initiatives and research, driving meaningful advancements in social innovation, healthy aging, independent living, and more.

Stay tuned for updates on the outcomes of the workshop and the SIRENE project’s ongoing efforts. The next, 4th, Expert Hub Workshop: Social and environmental sustainability will take place on 20 October 2023 2-4 PM CEST.

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