TECNALIA is the largest center of applied research and technological development in Spain, a benchmark in Europe and a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance. We collaborate with companies and institutions to improve their competitiveness, people’s quality of life and achieve sustainable growth. We do it thanks to people who are passionate about technology and committed to building a better society.

TECNALIA´s City, Territory and Environment is a business area devoted to foster collaborations with public and private organizations to help cities and territories face environmental, social and economic challenges, using data, technologies and innovation to improve urban planning and management decision-making. Among other challenges, this business area deals with urban energy transition, climate change, globalization and age-friendly cities.

Silvia Urra

Silvia Urra: Senior Researcher, Architect, Phd Student, expert in housing, urban and age friendly environments. When she joined Tecnalia, her activity was related to the field of rehabilitation. She has more than 10 years of experience in R&D projects related to construction and the ageing population. In this field he has specialised in the analysis of the reality of the building stock in relation to the needs of the resident population and covers issues related to accessibility and universal design, and new constructive and technological solutions. He is a member of the executive board of the Built4Life committee of the ECTP and of the advisory board of the Joint Programming Initiative More Years, Better Lives (JPI MYBL). He has coordinated the European H2020 Homes4Life project and is also part of the technical coordination of the URBANAGE(H2020) project and the drOp (HE) project.

Olatz Nicolas

Olatz Nicolas: Researcher, Architect, expert in housing and urban environments. Olatz Nicolas is Diploma in Architecture by the Bartlett School. University College London (U.K.), Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture by the North Carolina State University, School of Design (U.S.A.) and Diploma in Urban Planning Law by the Basque school of Territorial and Urbanistic studies (EVETU). She worked as an architect collaborator in the development of buildings, and planning projects for 10 years before she joined, in 2006, Tecnalia, in the Energy, Climate and Urban Transition unit. As a researcher during this period, she has taken part in international projects, UNDP, WB and EU-funded projects related to renovation, energy efficiency, both at the building scale as well as in the urban environment.

Amaia Sopelana

Amaia Sopelana: Technology manager, expert in technological innovation management and urban economy. With an international PhD degree in Business Administration (2016), she has 18 years of experience in technological innovation. Mainly involved as a senior researcher in R&D projects funded by European Commission, she has a huge background in innovation management, innovation ecosystems, circular economy, and heritage economy as well as in identifying new business opportunities of new technological developments. In January 2022 she joined the team ‘City, Territory and Environment’ within the Energy, Climate and Urban Transition Unit working on R&D projects for Urban Regeneration, Heritage Economy and Energy Transition providing cities and territories with cutting-edge solutions facing energy transition, urban planning, decarbonization or environmental challenges.  She is the author and co-author of 13 indexed papers and 11 papers for international conferences.

Karmele Herranz

Karmele Herranz: Expert in the integration of social dimension in the Environmental Experience. She holds a PhD in Environmental and Social Psychology and is a Research Specialist in Urban Comfort at TECNALIA Research and Innovation (BRTA), with more than 30 years of professional experience. She currently focuses his activity on the integration of the social dimension in projects developed in the Energy, Climate and Urban Transition Unit. The themes of her activity are varied: Social Innovation, Sustainability, Environmental Experience, Urban Comfort, Soundscape, Health & Wellbeing, NbS, Vulnerability and Adaptation to CC, etc. Prior to his activity at TECNALIA, he worked at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and collaborated with the Department of Social Psychology and Methodology of Behavioural Sciences (UPV-EHU). She has participated in more than 80 I+D project, has published many articles and book chapters (more than 80) and participated in many congresses (110 communications). She is reviewer of international journals and founding member and Treasurer of the Association (Hispano-Luso-American) Environmental Psychology since 2009 and re-elected in 2013.

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