SIRENE Project Advocates for Healthy Living at The Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2024

The SIRENE project recently participated at The Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2024 in Barcelona, held as part of 4YFN & MWC on February 28, 2024. In a session titled “Health Ageing – Leveraging technology for quality of life,” the project shed light on reframing “healthy ageing” into “health living” and emphasized the importance of collaborations in achieving this goal.

Unlocking Synergies: SIRENE and INTEGER Unite for European Innovation Ecosystems

The SIRENE and INTEGER projects are driving social change and promoting inclusive growth in Europe. Their joint publication, ‘Towards the social innovation lighthouse,’ highlights their mission to overcome the innovation divide and accelerate progress.

SIRENE empowers social and private entrepreneurs for well-being and housing improvements, while INTEGER focuses on sustainable ecosystems for healthy living. Together, they develop frameworks and tools to foster social innovation.

Through co-creation networks, stakeholders collaborate, exchange knowledge, and shape the future of innovation. SIRENE and INTEGER embrace the triple transition of social, green, and digital advancements.

Join the movement towards a brighter, innovative Europe. Stay tuned for updates from the SIRENE and INTEGER projects as they shape the European innovation landscape.

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