Third SIRENE Expert Hub Workshop: Exploring Ecosystems, Finance, and Funding in Social Innovation

Third SIRENE Expert Hub workshop

The third SIRENE Expert Hub Workshop united experts across various fields to explore social innovation, healthy aging, and independent living. With a focus on ecosystem dynamics, finance, and funding, the workshop delved into emerging trends and challenges in Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) in Europe. Professionals from diverse backgrounds discussed key priorities and shared insights for future initiatives.

In retrospective: SIRENE Project achievements in the first 7 months!

SIRENE at the COST Connect event on Ageing in Europe

Social innovation is crucial for our global society. Collaboration and networking are essential for knowledge sharing and implementing changes quickly. SIRENE consortium has successfully onboarded experts to its SIRENE Expert Hub, which gathers experts from all relevant spheres of social innovation. SIRENE has been featured in several events, such as “Implementing SHAFE” and “Projects under the European Innovation Ecosystems Work Program.” Cross-collaboration is crucial to SIRENE’s success, as it works towards cultivating new ecosystems to unite social innovators, architects, environmentalists, policy makers, professors, doctors, entrepreneurs, community leaders for a real change in independent living, smart and healthy aging.

SIRENE presentation: NOVA Health conference

The II International Conference NOVA Health – Health Systems and Policies, focusing on the digital transition in health, was successfully held on 28 February 2023 at the Reitoria da Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The event brought together experts and stakeholders in the field of healthcare to discuss the impact of digital technologies on health systems […]

SIRENE Expert Hub launch

Launch of the SIRENE expert hub!

On February 24, 2023, the SIRENE Expert Hub convened for the first time to identify challenges related to capacity-building in the broader context of social innovation in eco-friendly and age-friendly environments. The meeting, which was organized and hosted by ISRAA in collaboration with the project consortium, aimed to foster health, well-being, and participation among people […]

SIRENE presented at the International Conference on Learning and Implementing Social Innovation – Talking about SHAFE

SIRENE presented at International Conference Learning and implementing social innovation – Talking about SHAFE visual

SIRENE takes center stage at the International Conference on Learning and Implementing Social Innovation – Talking about SHAFE. This event, a collaborative effort by influential organizations, shines a light on the world of socially innovative networks and projects. Join us as we navigate the path to Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) and expand the horizons of social innovation across Europe.

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