In order to achieve its goal to support the growth of social innovation ecosystems delivering eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services for SHAFE (Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments) implementation in Europe, one of the essential activities in SIRENE is the creation of alliances and synergies between different stakeholders within ecosystems and between ecosystems. 


The COST Action International Interdisciplinary Network on Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments | NET4Age-Friendly seeks to promote social inclusion, independent living and active and healthy living in society, through the establishment of an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers and stakeholders from all sectors. The main approach of this COST Action is the establishment of local or regional ecosystems in each country involved, to work on health and well-being in an age-friendly digital world. These ecosystems consist of citizens, public authorities, businesses/NGOs and researchers and they are well represented in the Action which currently gathers a network of around 700 people from 50 countries.

Smart Healthy Age- Friendly Environments (SHAFE)

Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) focus on the narrative, debate, disclosure and knowledge translation of solutions to optimize the physical and social environments of individuals in a concerted manner. From the early concept, several projects have been implementing SHAFE in the field but a broader coordination is needed to ensure wider coverage, and this is why the SHAFE Foundation was born: to research, develop, network and promote the implementation of SHAFE in Europe and in other regions of the world.


Focused on challenge-driven promotion of healthy living, INTEGER will bring forward three important innovations for the development of more robust, sustainable, inclusive and integrative EU innovation ecosystems: The INTEGER 4 Helix Collaboratory mode, a EU Healthy Living Collaboratory and a new professional profile, the ‘collaber’ or ‘collaboratory manager’.

Digital Health Uptake (DHU)

DHU is excited to start collaboration with the Social Innovation Responsive Environments NETwork (SIRENE) project. SIRENE is a Horizon Europe coordination and support action facilitating the growth of social innovation actors in eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services for smart, healthy and age-friendly environments (SHAFE) implementation in Europe, by providing a workable framework for investment. The two projects have agreed to support each other in disseminating their achievements, results and relevant events. Together, they will seek opportunities to organise a joint session with other relevant projects.


The AFC project proposes to open a wide-ranging exchange of information between age-friendly cities, seniors’ organizations and educational and training experts in order to define the new professional profile of “Professional of reference for inclusive ageing in age-friendly cities”, which will be a reference for developing a set of open educational resources to spread learning content of the ageing strategy in the framework of age-friendly cities in participant countries.

Older Adults Co-Creating a Sustainable Age-friendly City (City&Co)

International research into age-friendly cities with a unique assessment tool. How age-friendly are our cities? The international City&Co project is developing measuring tools and a co-creative approach for this. The project was awarded a substantial grant in the international ERA-NET Urban Transformation Capacities (ENUTC) competition within the framework of the European Commission’s Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe. Together, research partners in the Netherlands, Poland and Romania will investigate the age-friendliness of The Hague, Wrocław, Kraków and Bucharest.

Empowering older adults to apply affordable eco- and age-friendly solutions to age in place (AFECO)

The AFECO project (Erasmus+ 2022-2025, coordinator AFEdemy) aims to promote older adults’ skills and competences that allow them to analyse and use affordable age-friendly and eco-friendly principles in their physical environment (at home or in the neighbourhood). Age-friendly and eco-friendly principles should work complementarily and supportively to create the right conditions for social inclusion, active ageing and ageing in place through an environmentally responsible way of living.


OneAquaHealth is a Research and Innovation Action funded by the EU under Horizon Europe (GA No 101086521). Coordinated by the University of Coimbra, a consortium of 13 partners investigates the interconnection of ecosystem and human health and will identify early warning indicators to enhance environmental monitoring. By filling knowledge gaps and by adopting the One Digital Health (ODH) principles, policy instruments for the management of urban aquatic sites can be improved substantially. The project will develop AI-assisted digital tools – an Environmental Surveillance System, a Decision & Support System and a CitizenScience App to raise awareness and to engage all relevant stakeholders to jointly achieve thriving ecosystems and healthier communities for the future.

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