Summary of the 7th SIRENE Expert Hub

On the 14th of June 2024, experts met for the 7th Expert Hub Workshop. The session was specifically dedicated to voting on the Social Innovation Framework. The voting followed the process of collection of amendments and declarations of support by ecosystems and relevant stakeholders undertaken by project partners and collaborating experts. It was also the occasion to illustrate the results of the second online validation round on three of the components of the SIF (Sustainability Strategy, Hands on Toolkit, and Capacity-Building Framework). In addition, an overview of the National Events held by partners in their country to present the main results of the SIRENE project and the Social Innovation Framework was given, together with some updates on the SIRENE project final event.  

Presentation and feedback from SIRENE National Events 

Francesca Masiero from ISRAA introduced the objectives of the National Events, mainly intended to present and describe the SI Framework and its components, collect opinions and suggestions on how to improve and implement it, and share and exchange experiences and practices on SHAFE.​ She then provided experts with an overview of the events held so far in Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Serbia, and Italy. She informed participants that the Irish National Event will take place in September. To conclude, she mentioned the SIRENE video documentary, which will serve as a video testimony of the validation roadshow articulated in the National Events and culminating with the SIRENE final event in Brussels.

Overview of the validation results 

Paula Anchustegui​ from TECNALIA gave an in-depth overview of the validation of the Social Innovation Framework components conducted in the last months, which took place in 3 different sessions: a first online validation, focused on the  Manual for Innovation Actors​, the Good Practices Blueprint​ and the Cloud-based Data Repository​; a second online validation, which addressed the Sustainability Strategy​, the Hands-On Toolkit​ and the Capacity Building Framework; a face-to-face validation undertaken in the occasion of the National Event held in Bilbao. Paula illustrated the procedures adopted to manage the online and face-to-face validation processes and their results. 

Approval procedure of the Social Innovation Framework 

Carina Dantas from SHINE provided a detailed presentation of the Social Innovation Framework and its building blocks, taking care to clearly contextualise their origin, positioning, and function within the architecture of the SIRENE project. She highlighted that they are the result of the co-creation process that involved the 57 experts of the Expert Hub, who played a crucial role in refining and validating their content. Carina then described the purpose and content of each component of the Social Innovation Framework, asking the responsible partners to explain how they intend to address the weaknesses highlighted through the validation phase. After explaining each component, Carina asked those present if they agreed with or opposed to what was presented. She then focused on the National Events, during which further feedback on the Social Innovation Framework was gathered, and finally gave an overview of the amendments and institutions that expressed their support so far. The entire procedure took place under the supervision of Filipa Ventura, from the Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Coimbra, Portugal​, who, in the role of external expert, was in charge of overseeing the fairness of the entire procedure and voting and ensuring that no irregularities occur. Finally, participants were asked to express their vote. Carina invited experts to answer yes or no to the following question by means of a Zoom poll: Do you approve the Social Innovation Framework of SIRENE, provided the proposed amendments are included in the final version? All received responses were positive.

Measures to support the ecosystems: new opportunities 

Federica Porcu from ECHA presented the opportunity for experts to receive private consultancy to support and develop their ecosystem. Interested experts can contact Federica and other members of the ECHA team to schedule a meeting and receive tailor-made advice.

Measures to support the ecosystems: new opportunities 

Before concluding, Carina gave important updates about the SIRENE final event happening from 1st to 3rd October in Brussels. The final event will have the form of a three-day roadshow, in which multiple events will take place in different relevant locations. A tentative agenda is presented, and experts are invited to propose speeches. 

To watch again the Expert Hub workshop of June 14 click on the video below.  


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