SIRENE’s 4th Expert Hub Workshop: Towards social and environmental sustainability

SIRENE's 4th Expert Hub Workshop

Date: October 20, 2023

Time: 2:00 PM CEST

In an ongoing endeavor to social and environmental sustainability, the 4th SIRENE Expert Hub Workshop held on October 20, 2023, illuminated the path forward. Esteemed experts from diverse backgrounds converged virtually to explore multifaceted dimensions of sustainability, unveiling invaluable insights.

A Roadmap for Sustainability

The workshop’s agenda, opened by Carina Dantas, the coordinator of the SIRENE project, was designed to achieve four pivotal objectives:

  1. Social and Environmental Sustainability: The opening session, led by Matteo Zallio, Chair of the Expert Hub, initiated a profound exploration into the “Whys and Hows” of social and environmental sustainability. The interactive Ladder session ignited critical discussions about fostering sustainable living environments for the elderly.
  1. Discovering Ecosystems: ISRAA, under the guidance of Oscar Zanutto, delved deeper into the complexities of sustainability. Attendees explored the intricacies of nurturing sustainable ecosystems, an essential aspect of ensuring age-friendly environments.
  1. A Deep Dive into Findings: The workshop featured breakout sessions with three parallel tracks:
  • Findings from Ecosystems’ Survey: ECHAlliance, the Global Health Connector, spearheaded this discussion. Experts explored the significant findings from extensive ecosystem surveys.
  • Repository Setup: Technology enthusiasts engaged in discussions led by TECNALIA. They dove into the process of setting up and animating the Repository.
  • Blueprint for Good Practices: ISRAA facilitated discussions surrounding the first draft of the Good Practices Blueprint, a foundational document shaping sustainable age-friendly environments.
  1. Charting the Path Forward: ISRAA took the reins again, concluding the workshop. The session encapsulated the key takeaways and outlined the subsequent steps necessary to realize the objectives of the SIRENE project.

Sustainability for All

The 4th SIRENE Expert Hub Workshop emerged as a dynamic platform, fostering meaningful discussions about social and environmental sustainability. This collaborative ecosystem of experts and innovators propels the SIRENE project closer to its mission of creating thriving, age-friendly communities.

As we continue our journey, the principles of social and environmental sustainability remain at the heart of SIRENE’s mission. The 4th workshop was a testament to our shared commitment to nurturing these principles, and we eagerly anticipate further insights and innovation in this realm.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on the path to creating Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments!

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