SIRENE Showcased at Health Procurement Thematic Innovation Ecosystems Event

The SIRENE project took center stage at the Health Procurement Thematic Innovation Ecosystems event on Tuesday, February 27. This event, themed “Collaborate – Innovate – Adopt,” provided a platform for discussing the application of the Social Innovation Framework and related activities from the SIRENE project in health procurement processes.

Hosted by AQuAS and ECHAlliance, in collaboration with the Thematic Innovation Ecosystem on Health Procurement, DigitalHealthUptake project, and iRaise Education Programme, the event brought together representatives from both public and private organisations. The primary objective was to explore strategies for scaling up digital health solutions developed in international research and innovation projects, with a focus on transitioning these innovations to widespread use post-project completion.

Key discussions revolved around overcoming challenges associated with the adoption of digital health solutions, emphasising collaboration, innovation, and adoption. Attendees gained practical insights into ensuring the successful implementation of these solutions in diverse regions, thereby contributing to the advancement of healthcare procurement processes.

The SIRENE project’s participation underscored its commitment to driving social innovation in healthcare and leveraging technology to enhance procurement practices. By showcasing its framework and initiatives, SIRENE contributed valuable perspectives to the dialogue on innovation adoption in the healthcare sector.

As the project continues to progress, collaborations with events like the Health Procurement Thematic Innovation Ecosystems further solidify SIRENE’s position as a catalyst for positive change in healthcare procurement processes. Stay tuned for more updates on SIRENE’s ongoing contributions to social innovation in healthcare.

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