SIRENE Project Advocates for Healthy Living at The Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2024

The SIRENE project recently participated at The Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2024 in Barcelona, held as part of 4YFN & MWC on February 28, 2024. In a session titled “Health Ageing – Leveraging technology for quality of life,” the project shed light on reframing “healthy ageing” into “health living” and emphasized the importance of collaborations in achieving this goal.

Key takeaways from the session include:

  • Developing technology to enhance the quality of life and add more years to life, not merely prolong life.
  • Acknowledging the power of collaboration in building impactful solutions.
  • Ensuring that technology bridges the inequality gap rather than widening it.
  • These insightful messages resonate deeply with the core principles of the SIRENE project, which focuses on creating tools in collaboration with social entrepreneurs to facilitate connections with all relevant actors in the innovation process.

The session received positive feedback, with attendees appreciating the valuable insights shared. Special thanks were extended to the ECHAlliance team for organising the event and providing a welcoming platform for discussion.

Stay tuned for more updates on SIRENE’s continued efforts to promote healthy living and social innovation!

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