SIRENE Presented at NET4Age-Friendly MC Meeting in The Hague

The SIRENE project, dedicated to the development of Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE), reached a significant milestone on May 24th. Carina Dantas, the Coordinator of SIRENE, along with Willeke van Staalduinen from AFEdemy, had the privilege of presenting SIRENE to more than 50 members of the COST Action NET4Age-Friendly during the Management Committee Meeting held in The Hague. The meeting accommodated both in-person and online attendees, ensuring widespread participation.

The presentation, titled “SIRENE Social Innovation Framework and Ecosystems on Responsive Inclusive Environments,” provided the audience with a comprehensive overview of the project’s objectives, key features, and its potential synergies with the SHAFE concept and the NET4 network. Carina and Willeke highlighted the remarkable progress achieved thus far, including the development of a state-of-the-art framework and the establishment of the SIRENE Expert Hub. The Expert Hub, comprising 27 experts from EU-27 Member States, plays a vital role in co-creating the social innovation framework alongside the project team.

NET4Age-Friendly, a COST Action, is dedicated to establishing local, regional, and national ecosystems, as well as promoting the growth of existing ones across the participating European countries. This initiative, boasting 550 members from 50 countries, focuses on health and well-being, with the ultimate goal of fostering an age-friendly digital world. The primary objective of NET4Age-Friendly is to create an interdisciplinary network of researchers from various sectors, enabling awareness and facilitating the implementation of smart, healthy indoor and outdoor environments for both present and future generations.

The presentation of SIRENE at the NET4Age-Friendly MC Meeting marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of innovative solutions for age-friendly living. By connecting and collaborating with like-minded initiatives, SIRENE strengthens its mission to create inclusive and sustainable environments that promote the well-being of individuals across Europe. This fruitful exchange of knowledge and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the realization of SHAFE concepts and the advancement of society as a whole.

The SIRENE project is excited to continue its journey, building upon the connections established at the NET4Age-Friendly MC Meeting and further enhancing the social innovation framework in the pursuit of Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments across Europe and beyond.

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