SHINE 2Europe aims to promote inclusive communities to citizens, by delivering research services and support to the implementation of tech-Savvy, Healthy and INclusivE solutions (SHINE) in Europe, with a clear vision of promoting inclusive societies for all. The promotion of inclusion ranges from aspects such as gender, race, age, personal opinions and lifestyles, literacy, and skills levels, environmental concerns, and sustainability, with shared responsibility between all citizens and within democratic values. What we really foster is to help imagining a society that is already built taking into consideration the different needs of all citizens and creating integrated solutions that can help them to be happy and have a fulfilled life. SHINE’s CEO is the Chair of the COST Action NET4Age-Friendly and Director of the SHAFE Foundation | Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments.

Carina Dantas

Carina Dantas has a degree in Law, she is a PhD candidate on Biomedical Sciences (Towards ethical excellence in AI) and is the CEO of SHINE 2Europe with over 20 years-experience in areas related to health, social aspects, and ICT. 

She is also the Chair of the COST Action NET4Age-Friendly; Coordinator of the Stakeholders Network on SHAFE – Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments; Vice-President of the European Covenant on Demographic Change; and Member of the National Cancer Hub.

Carina is an evaluator/reviewer for the European Commission, Eureka, AAL, EIT Climate and EIT Digital; Committee Member of CEN/CENELEC TC 428 and member of the Expert Team developing the EU Ethics framework for the ICT Profession; and Team Leader of the group of experts designing the Reference Guidelines in the Field of Ethics, Data Privacy and Security, contracted by the AAL Programme. 

Also, Ethics Board Member of the H2020 Valuecare and IMI Beamer projects, Advisory Board Member of the H2020/MSCA/AAL projects ReHyb, VisuAAL, PROCare4Life, Tactile, Homes4life, Uptake, DTHSC, and reviewer of ICF Journal, Geriatrics and MDPI.

She is the Coordinator of SIRENE, among other international projects.

Miriam Cabrita

Miriam Cabrita is a Biomedical Engineer with a strong passion for digital health innovation. With 10 years of experience in both academic and business environments, her role is in aligning the needs and expectations of all stakeholders throughout the innovation process. She started working on European projects in 2013 and has worked since then in multidisciplinary and international teams towards solutions that fit the needs of the individuals and the organizational systems in different countries while accounting for cultural diversity. 

Her research expertise focuses on the personalization of digital health solutions for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. This means that working at the intersection of various fields, such as psychology, physiology, and public health, but also signal analysis and human-computer interaction. Her dream is to help close the health inequalities gap by contributing to digital health solutions available to and usable by everyone, especially those in underprivileged groups.

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