SHAFE, NET4Age-Friendly and SIRENE were discussed at the SMARTX conference in Budapest!

SHAFE, NET4Age-Friendly and SIRENE were discussed at the SMARTX conference in Budapest!

Carina Dantas, SIRENE Coordinator, took part in the SMARTX Conference, a pivotal event held in Budapest on October 27, 2022. In her presentation, she employed the SHAFE concept, NET4Age-Friendly, and the new Horizon Europe project – SIRENE, as a foundation to explore methods for empowering citizens and promoting social innovation. Dantas’s engaging discussion also showcased two impactful Erasmus+ projects, TRIO and GreenerAge, which have been instrumental in promoting citizen empowerment and literacy.

The SMARTX Conference, organized by the City of Budapest District 13, served as an ideal platform to introduce the SMARTX!!! Program. This program encompasses the Smart District Concept and the SMART13 Action Plan, highlighting Europe’s leading smart city initiatives. The conference further featured a remarkable case study from Newcastle, Australia, emphasizing the importance of international partnerships in the development of smart cities.

SIRENE, which stands for Social Innovation Responsive Environments Network, is a Horizon Europe-funded project with a clear mission: to foster the growth of social innovation ecosystems. It achieves this by facilitating the delivery of eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services for SHAFE, or Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments, implementation throughout Europe. Carina Dantas’s participation in the SMARTX Conference exemplifies the commitment of the SIRENE project to empowering citizens, advancing social innovation, and creating a sustainable and inclusive future for all. Stay tuned for more updates on this collaborative journey.

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