SIRENE General Assembly held in Bilbao

The SIRENE project recently held its General Assembly, gathering aimed at advancing social innovation within Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE). Hosted by TECNALIA Research & Innovation in the the Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia, the assembly brought together all SIRENE partners to discuss progress, exchange insights, and chart the course for future endeavors.

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Save the date: SIRENE National Portuguese event & International Conference Building Sustainable and Participatory Environments

The national Portuguese event of SIRENE, a Coordination and Support Action co-funded by the European Commission to promote social innovation in building smart environments, will be hosted by the International Conference Building Sustainable and Participatory Environments, to be held on May 7th 2024, at the Salão Nobre Reitoria of the University of Porto, co-organised by the University of Porto and SHINE 2 Europe.

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Insights from the 6th edition of the SIRENE Expert Hub

On the 22nd of March 2024, experts met for the sixth time on the occasion of the 6th Expert Hub Workshop. As usual, the first section of the workshop was dedicated to the co-design session, where participants were invited to provide their point of view on the topic of implementing responsive environments. After this interactive moment, the Social Innovation Framework (SIF) was presented, followed by an overview of the Roadshow and the European Week and, finally, by the explanation of the SIF voting process.

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SIRENE presented at the Talk Show “Let’s Talk About Primary Health Care” organized by the World Health Organization

SHINE 2Europe, SIRENE coordinator, represented by its CEO Carina Dantas, participated in the Talk Show “Let’s Talk About Primary Health Care” organized by the World Health Organization | Regional Office for Europe for Primary Healthcare on March 19th. The event focused on the theme “Unpacking Person-Centred PHC: what do people and communities really care about?”.

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Innovation and inclusion highlighted at AgeingFit in Lille

At the latest AgeingFit event in Lille, France, SIRENE coordinator, SHINE 2Europe made its mark on the panel with the theme “How to ensure your innovation design is inclusive enough?”. Carina Dantas represented SIRENE and SHINE in the session held on March 12, in an inspiring atmosphere of enriching discussions that highlighted the commitment to innovation and inclusion in the field of active ageing.

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SIRENE Showcased at Health Procurement Thematic Innovation Ecosystems Event

The SIRENE project took center stage at the Health Procurement Thematic Innovation Ecosystems event on Tuesday, February 27. This event, themed “Collaborate – Innovate – Adopt,” provided a platform for discussing the application of the Social Innovation Framework and related activities from the SIRENE project in health procurement processes.

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SIRENE Project Advocates for Healthy Living at The Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2024

The SIRENE project recently participated at The Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2024 in Barcelona, held as part of 4YFN & MWC on February 28, 2024. In a session titled “Health Ageing – Leveraging technology for quality of life,” the project shed light on reframing “healthy ageing” into “health living” and emphasized the importance of collaborations in achieving this goal.

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SIRENE Project Showcases Innovations at Council of Europe Event

On January 31, 2024, the SIRENE project was featured prominently at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France. Oscar Zanutto of ISRAA represented SIRENE, presenting its objectives and accomplishments to an esteemed audience. The event focused on the project’s pioneering Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) approach and its implications for global ageing policies. Attendees gained valuable insights into the project’s contributions to social innovation and healthcare advancements.

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SIRENE Project Presents Age-Friendly Policies at ENSA General Assembly 2024

In a recent presentation at the ENSA General Assembly on January 22, 2024, ISRAA presented the SIRENE project and its objectives and outcomes, with a focus on the Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) approach. The assembly, attended by social authorities from various cities and regions within the ENSA network, served as a platform to disseminate key information regarding SIRENE’s role in shaping ageing policies in Europe and beyond.

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3rd SIRENE Science Café held on February 7th, 2024

The SIRENE project is thrilled to invite you to the 3rd edition of the SIRENE Science Café, a virtual gathering designed to illuminate the crucial aspects of Social Innovation. This session, scheduled for February 7th, 2024, at 14:30 CEST, will explore the challenges and solutions surrounding the implementation of SHAFE (Smart Healthy-Age Friendly Environments) for public administration bodies.

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1st Ecosystems Workshop

First SIRENE Ecosystems Workshop

The 1st SIRENE Ecosystems Workshop, held on 11th of January 2024, focused on introducing these support measures provided by the SIRENE consortium to our ecosystem of stakeholders.

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Building Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments: Insights from SIRENE and URBANAGE Joint Webinar

Discover the key takeaways from the recent joint webinar hosted by SIRENE and URBANAGE on December 5th, 11:30 CET, focused on “How to Build Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments.” Delve into insightful discussions addressing barriers, practical case studies, and the imperative need to prioritize the well-being of older individuals. Gain valuable insights into the collaborative efforts shaping the future of age-friendly initiatives and healthy aging.

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Insights from the SIRENE Plenary Meeting

The SIRENE consortium gathered on November 22, 2023, for its Plenary Meeting, setting the stage for an ambitious Year 2. The meeting was organised around Work Packages and addressed critical objectives integral to the project’s success.

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SIRENE | Science Café #2

Join us for the SIRENE Science Café #2

SIRENE Science Cafes aim to increase awareness regarding the Social Innovation aspects.
2nd SIRENE Science Café will be held online on 28th November at 15:00 CEST. The session will last for
about 30 minutes.

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SIRENE at Coimbra event

A More Sustainable Coimbra: Local Organizations Unite for Environmental Health

Discover how Coimbra is taking strides towards sustainability with the OneAquaHealth and GreenerAge projects. This joint session, hosted at the iconic Old Pumping Station, united local organizations to discuss environmental health and community well-being. OneAquaHealth, funded by Horizon Europe, focuses on informed policies for urban aquatic ecosystems and human health. GreenerAge, an Erasmus+ project by SHINE 2Europe, promotes environmental literacy in adults over 55. Explore the initiatives, local alliances, and the drive for a sustainable Coimbra.

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Discover the Future of Integrated Care at ICIC24, Belfast – April 22-24, 2024

Explore the future of integrated healthcare at ICIC24, Belfast, from April 22-24, 2024. This 24th International Conference on Integrated Care, in partnership with IFIC Ireland, delves into the theme of making integrated care a reality. Learn from global leaders in integrated health and care and discover how Northern Ireland is transforming its approach to healthcare. Submit abstracts, avail early bird registration discounts, and experience a revolutionary gathering dedicated to person-centered, community-driven healthcare.

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Ecosystem Survey visual

Findings from the Ecosystems Engagement Survey

Last summer, ECHAlliance and Tecnalia launched the Ecosystems Engagement Survey aimed at equipping the SIRENE consortium with a deeper understanding of experts’ involvement in various ecosystems.
Specifically, the survey was designed to comprehend the levels of engagement, involvement, and visionary perspectives of experts regarding the future evolution and enhancement of these ecosystems.
Launched on June 9, 2023, through the dedicated SIRENE platform, the survey was actively promoted across the project’s social media channels, ensuring a broad spectrum of expert participation.

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SIRENE and DigitalHealthUptake synergies

Exploring Synergies for a Brighter Future: SIRENE and DigitalHealthUptake Join Forces

SIRENE and DHU have recently met to explore synergies in their shared commitment to digital health solutions and social well-being in Europe. This meeting marks the beginning of their collaborative efforts, which will include mutual promotion and co-authored articles. With their combined expertise, they are prepared to address the challenges of the digital age. Stay tuned for further updates on this partnership.

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The European Week of Regions and Cities - Carina presenting SIRENE project and SHAFE approach

SIRENE at the EU Week of Regions and Cities

In a collaborative effort during the European Week of Regions and Cities, SIRENE, alongside other key projects and partners, explored the potential of entrepreneurial and social innovation to drive inclusive growth and community development. This gathering provided insights and strategies to boost innovation and development while leaving no one behind. Stay tuned for more insights on our journey towards Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments.

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ECHAlliance podcast

Unlocking New Horizons in Social Innovation: A Conversation with Carina Dantas on ECHAlliance Podcast

In a recent ECHAlliance podcast episode, Carina Dantas, CEO of SHINE2Europe and coordinator of the SIRENE project, engages in a captivating dialogue with Federica Porcu, Innovation Manager at ECHAlliance. This illuminating conversation explores the collaborative efforts of SIRENE and the INTEGER project in bridging innovation gaps across European regions. Together, they authored a compelling publication, “Towards the Social Innovation Lighthouse: European Ecosystems Addressing the Innovation Divide,” which delves into the strategies and initiatives for fostering social innovation. Discover the insights shared in this podcast by visiting the link to the full episode.

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SIRENE's 4th Expert Hub Workshop

SIRENE’s 4th Expert Hub Workshop: Towards social and environmental sustainability

The 4th SIRENE Expert Hub Workshop emerged as a dynamic platform, fostering meaningful discussions about social and environmental sustainability. This collaborative ecosystem of experts and innovators propels the SIRENE project closer to its mission of creating thriving, age-friendly communities. Delve into the innovative sessions and interactive dialogues led by top experts in the field. Explore the latest findings, strategies, and insights.

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SIRENE 6th Stress Congress

SIRENE Takes the Stage at the 6th Edition of the Stress Congress

SIRENE project coordinator Carina Dantas took the spotlight at the prestigious 6th Edition of the Stress Congress, held in Bucharest, Romania, from September 28th to 30th, 2023. This event served as a platform for global experts to exchange insights and innovations in the field. Carina discussed the project’s current status, emphasizing the need to bridge social sciences, social innovation, technology, and construction. She also revealed exciting developments, including the Expert Hub and participation in the EU Week of the Regions.

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I National Journeys for the Promotion of Active and Successful Ageing

I National Journeys for the Promotion of Active and Successful Ageing

Join SIRENE at the “I National Journeys for the Promotion of Active and Successful Ageing” on October 3-4, 2023, in Coimbra. Explore topics like ageing in place, caregiver support, and compassionate communities. Carina Dantas, Action Chair, will present SHAFE, NET4, and SIRENE. Registration is free but mandatory. Don’t miss this chance to discuss age-friendly communities and an inclusive future.

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SIRENE in Skopje

SIRENE at a Training School: Policies, Technologies, and Entrepreneurship for Digitalization of Society.

Join us at the SIRENE Training School in Skopje, North Macedonia, from September 26-28, 2023. Discover how SHAFE, NET4Age-Friendly, and SIRENE are reshaping society in the digital age. Led by Carina Dantas, this event empowers participants to tackle community challenges. Stay tuned for transformative updates on SEE-IT Revisited. Join us in shaping a sustainable, inclusive digital society.

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SIRENE in New York

SIRENE in New York: Insights from the United Nations General Assembly

Carina Dantas, SIRENE coordinator and the CEO of SHINE 2Europe, joined the COST Program delegation at the United Nations General Assembly satellite events in New York (September 12-15). She showcased the impactful work of the COST Action focused on Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE). SHAFE, initiated in 2017, has grown into a global movement with over 700 members across 51 countries, recognized as a UN Sustainable Development Goals Good Practice. Projects like SIRENE, funded by Horizon Europe and led by SHINE, extend SHAFE’s influence, promoting inclusive solutions for independent living.

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European week of regions SIRENE

SIRENE at the EU Week of the Regions | 11 October 2023

Join SIRENE on October 11, 2023, at the EU Week of the Regions for a session focused on “Entrepreneurial and Social Innovation Skills Driving Inclusion and Tackling the Innovation Divide.”

Explore European perspectives on innovation and development, boost entrepreneurial and social innovation skills, collaborate on community-based solutions, connect with experts from diverse backgrounds, and co-create solutions for sustainable, inclusive, and just communities.

In today’s evolving landscape, entrepreneurial skills like creativity, problem-solving, and community leadership are indispensable for European regions and cities. Discover how these skills drive social innovation, foster social cohesion, and create job opportunities while preparing Europe for future transitions.

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SIRENE in New York! | United Nations General Assembly (UNGA78)

SIRENE in New York! United Nations General Assembly (UNGA78)

Carina Dantas, coordinator of SIRENE, is set to represent the Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments initiative at the United Nations General Assembly events in New York, USA, from September 12 to 15, 2023. The program includes an informal networking reception highlighting the contributions of COST Actions to the UN’s goals and a key session on “Expanding scientific frontiers via international cooperation and networking.” This event holds great significance as it promotes SHAFE (Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments), recognized by the UN as an SDG good practice. The gathering will facilitate collaboration among researchers and scientists based in New York. Additionally, on September 15, 2023, COST is co-hosting a session during the Science Summit at UNGA78, emphasizing the role of science and innovation in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This in-person session will run from 09:00 to 12:00 EDT. Registration is required.

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SIRENE is part of the European Innovation Ecosystems Data Hub

The SIRENE project is an active participant within the vibrant European Innovation Ecosystems Data Hub, a collaborative platform developed by the European Innovation Council and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Executive Agency (EISMEA). This hub serves as a repository of vital information on EU funding programs, with SIRENE standing as one of the distinguished 102 projects funded under the European Innovation Ecosystems initiative, a pivotal component of Horizon Europe. Anchored within the comprehensive New European Innovation Agenda, this initiative encompasses five strategic flagships, including fostering innovation across the EU, supporting interregional innovation projects, and facilitating the flow of essential talents within the innovation landscape. The SIRENE project’s integral role in this dynamic ecosystem resonates with Horizon Europe’s visionary mission.

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SIRENE introduces: The Transnational Local-sphere Model

SIRENE introduces: The Transnational Local-sphere Model

Discover the latest progress in the SIRENE project! Our dedicated partners have accomplished a significant milestone by completing the State-of-the-Art deliverable. This comprehensive desk research delves into current methods, standards, and guidelines for crafting responsive, inclusive, and eco-friendly environments. The report not only lays a strong theoretical foundation for the SIRENE framework but also encompasses diverse concepts, exemplary practices, ethical evaluations, and a gap analysis of recent initiatives.

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Empowering 22 Trainees of NET4Age-Friendly with SIRENE’s Expertise in Tirana

Discover the fruitful collaboration between NET4Age-Friendly and SIRENE during the recent Training School in Tirana. This multidisciplinary event brought together professionals, researchers, and PhD students to discuss and exchange knowledge on Ageing in the City, Independent Living, and Social Participation in age-friendly smart environments. Dive into the insights shared during the lecture by Willeke van Staalduinen, exploring the synergies between the two projects and their efforts to foster sustainable and inclusive communities for Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) implementation in Europe.

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Unlocking Synergies: SIRENE and INTEGER Unite for European Innovation Ecosystems

The SIRENE and INTEGER projects are driving social change and promoting inclusive growth in Europe. Their joint publication, ‘Towards the social innovation lighthouse,’ highlights their mission to overcome the innovation divide and accelerate progress.

SIRENE empowers social and private entrepreneurs for well-being and housing improvements, while INTEGER focuses on sustainable ecosystems for healthy living. Together, they develop frameworks and tools to foster social innovation.

Through co-creation networks, stakeholders collaborate, exchange knowledge, and shape the future of innovation. SIRENE and INTEGER embrace the triple transition of social, green, and digital advancements.

Join the movement towards a brighter, innovative Europe. Stay tuned for updates from the SIRENE and INTEGER projects as they shape the European innovation landscape.

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Third SIRENE Expert Hub workshop

Third SIRENE Expert Hub Workshop: Exploring Ecosystems, Finance, and Funding in Social Innovation

The third SIRENE Expert Hub Workshop united experts across various fields to explore social innovation, healthy aging, and independent living. With a focus on ecosystem dynamics, finance, and funding, the workshop delved into emerging trends and challenges in Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) in Europe. Professionals from diverse backgrounds discussed key priorities and shared insights for future initiatives.

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European Commission Launches New Innovation Initiatives, Advancing the New European Innovation Agenda

One year after the adoption of the New European Innovation Agenda, the European Commission is making significant progress in positioning Europe as a leader in deep tech innovation and start-ups. At a conference on deep tech entrepreneurship in Stockholm, Sweden, Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager highlighted the achievements and future plans outlined in the Agenda. The delivery of 25 actions is well underway, with nine already implemented and 16 ongoing, including initiatives such as the Regional Innovation Valleys and the EIC Scale Up 100 program. The collective effort of Member States and countries associated with Horizon Europe is driving this innovation agenda, with a strong focus on funding for deep tech scale-ups and talent development.

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SIRENE Presented at NET4Age-Friendly MC Meeting in The Hague

Discover the exciting collaboration between the SIRENE project and NET4Age-Friendly in advancing Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE). During the recent Management Committee Meeting in The Hague, SIRENE Coordinator Carina Dantas and Willeke van Staalduinen from AFEdemy presented the project’s social innovation framework and its potential synergies with the SHAFE concept. With a focus on inclusive and responsive environments, SIRENE aims to create sustainable and age-friendly digital solutions. The meeting facilitated knowledge exchange and fostered connections within an interdisciplinary network of researchers working towards a healthier and more inclusive future. Explore the fruitful outcomes of this collaboration and the significant steps taken towards promoting well-being and societal advancement.

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SIRENE Open Call for Experts

Call for Experts: Join the Co-Creation Network of Experts on Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments

Calling all experts in social innovation, eco-friendly living, and inclusive environments! Join the SIRENE project’s co-creation network and contribute to the development of Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) across Europe. Discover how you can make a positive impact by participating in online sessions, sharing your expertise, and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements. Be part of this transformative journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive society. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shape the future of SHAFE implementation. Join the SIRENE project today!

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Join the 1st SIRENE Science Café: Exploring Social Innovation for Sustainable Communities

Register for the 1st SIRENE Science Café, an online event aimed at increasing awareness of social innovation for eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from renowned speaker Blanca Herrero de Egaña Muñoz-Cobo, Spain’s leading Social Innovation expert, and participate in an engaging discussion on “What is Social Innovation.” Register now!

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SIRENE at the COST Connect event on Ageing in Europe

In retrospective: SIRENE Project achievements in the first 7 months!

Social innovation is crucial for our global society. Collaboration and networking are essential for knowledge sharing and implementing changes quickly. SIRENE consortium has successfully onboarded experts to its SIRENE Expert Hub, which gathers experts from all relevant spheres of social innovation. SIRENE has been featured in several events, such as “Implementing SHAFE” and “Projects under the European Innovation Ecosystems Work Program.” Cross-collaboration is crucial to SIRENE’s success, as it works towards cultivating new ecosystems to unite social innovators, architects, environmentalists, policy makers, professors, doctors, entrepreneurs, community leaders for a real change in independent living, smart and healthy aging.

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Unlock the Full Potential of SIRENE Expert Hub: Watch Our Step-by-Step Video Guide Now!

Are you a member of the SIRENE Expert Hub, but not sure how to make the most of all its features? Look no further! Our latest tutorial video provides a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know about using the Expert Hub. From posting updates and photos to creating polls and accessing groups, this video covers all the basics and more. Learn how to navigate the Member’s tab, manage your profile, and customize your settings to your liking. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to the platform, our video tutorial has got you covered. Join the SIRENE project and become part of our community of social entrepreneurs and innovation actors. Sign up for the Expert Hub today and contribute your expertise to our mission of creating eco-friendly environments in Europe.

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Goodbrother COST Action is hosting 2nd Multidisciplinary Training School

The Goodbrother COST Action will hold its second training school from 13 to 16 June 2023, in Bucharest, Romania, to increase awareness of the ethical, legal, and privacy issues associated with audio and video-based monitoring and propose privacy-aware working solutions for assisted living. The multidisciplinary training school is open to professionals, researchers, and PhD students with relevant skills in computing, engineering, healthcare, law, sociology, or other related fields, providing an opportunity to learn new skills, share knowledge, and establish collaborations with professionals and researchers from different fields.

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Insights from the 37th EFPSA Congress

Gain insights on citizen empowerment approaches and the importance of involving multiple stakeholders in shaping public policies for significant changes in the community through Carina Dantas’ participation in the 37th EFPSA Congress. As a coordinator of the SIRENE project at SHINE 2Europe, Carina spoke in the roundtable discussion on “Addressing the rising challenges: methodologies of citizen involvement and engagement” where she presented the example of SIRENE and highlighted the overall policy framework of SHAFE and NET4Age-Friendly.

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SIRENE consortium

SIRENE Kick-Off meeting

SIRENE | Social Innovation Responsive Environments Network aims to support the growth of social innovation ecosystems delivering eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services for SHAFE (Smart

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SIRENE presented at International Conference Learning and implementing social innovation – Talking about SHAFE visual

SIRENE presented at the International Conference on Learning and Implementing Social Innovation – Talking about SHAFE

SIRENE takes center stage at the International Conference on Learning and Implementing Social Innovation – Talking about SHAFE. This event, a collaborative effort by influential organizations, shines a light on the world of socially innovative networks and projects. Join us as we navigate the path to Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) and expand the horizons of social innovation across Europe.

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