New European Innovation Agenda

meeting of the EIE projects for the New European Innovation Agenda

Europe positions itself as a leading player on the global innovation scene with the New European Innovation Agenda. The New European Innovation Agenda is set to reinforce Europe’s central role in shaping the green and digital transitions, and by leading on innovation, Europe aims to create breakthrough innovative solutions that will inspire the world.

The initiative aims to establish Europe as a place where the best talent and companies work together to create innovative solutions that address pressing societal challenges such as climate change and cyber threats. The agenda will be based on deep tech innovation, which will strengthen Europe’s technological leadership and generate innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the world.

To achieve this, the European Innovation Ecosystems Work Programme, which is under the New European Innovation Agenda, has invited project coordinators of European Innovation Ecosystems (EIE) to a follow-up webinar to discuss the next steps to extend their contribution to the objectives of the agenda. The webinar focused on questions such as identifying new opportunities for cooperation and joining the Coalition of the Willing.

The follow-up webinar held on March 1, 2023, was an opportunity for the Project Coordinators of EIE to discuss the next steps in support of the New European Innovation Agenda with the Commissioner’s Cabinet. During the webinar, participants were encouraged to reflect on various questions to help extend their contribution to the agenda and identify new opportunities for cooperation.

One of the questions posed was whether the participants had elaborated on their capacity to extend their contribution to the New European Innovation Agenda objectives through their project. This question was aimed at ensuring that the projects align with the goals of the agenda and that they have the potential to make a meaningful impact.

Another question raised was about identifying new opportunities for cooperation to complement or expand their projects after the first workshop. This question was important to help foster synergies between projects and ensure that they are working together effectively to achieve common goals.

Participants were also asked if they had considered joining the Coalition of the Willing. The Coalition of the Willing is a network of innovators, researchers, and policymakers committed to working together to drive innovation and create positive change.

The final question posed during the webinar was about feedback on the new European Innovation Ecosystems Data Hub. The data hub is designed to provide information on innovation ecosystems across Europe and help foster collaboration between stakeholders.

In the words of Carina Dantas, the coordinator of SIRENE as one of the participating projects, this concertation work that EIE is doing with project coordinators to foster synergies between projects in this area is relevant and should be set as a good example. It is an excellent example of how collaboration and cooperation between stakeholders can drive innovation and create positive change.
SIRENE is an #HorizonEurope CSA that aims to to support the growth of social innovation actors in eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services for #SHAFE implementation.

Upon the launch of the initiative, Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, and Youth, has stated that the new European Innovation Agenda will help innovators, start-ups, and scale-ups become global innovation leaders. The initiative will also improve access to finance for European start-ups and scale-ups and create regional innovation valleys that will better connect innovation players across Europe, including in regions lagging behind.

In addition, Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President for a Europe fit for the Digital Age, has also emphasized the importance of boosting innovation ecosystems to develop human-centered technologies. The New Innovation Agenda will enable Europe to tackle burning concerns such as breaking the dependence from fossil fuels or securing our food supply in a sustainable way.

Stay tuned for more information on the initiative as well as SIRENE’s development and contribution!

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