ISRAA- Istituto per Servizi di Ricovero ed Assistenza agli Anziani is an Italian public care provider with wide knowledge and experience in assisting older people to remain independent as long as possible despite their functional and cognitive limitations. ISRAA has 4 nursing homes counting 850 self-sufficient and non-self-sufficient residents, 32 flats for autonomous ones, and a senior cohousing hosting 60 persons.

It delivers home care services and manages 3 day-care centres dedicated to older suffering from cognitive impairment. ISRAA also has a dementia-specialized centre and a department in charge of research and innovation. In the SIRENE project, ISRAA is responsible for setting-up and leading the Expert Hub, organizing the SIRENE Roadshow and European Week and developing the Good Practices Blueprint.

Oscar Zanutto

Oscar is coordinating FABER that is ISRAA’s hub for social Innovation. He is running EU Projects mainly in the senior field related to active ageing and healthy lifestyles, ICT applications to tackle olders social isolation, innovative businesses solutions in home care and community based interventions for seniors social engagement. He is expert into EIP AHA Action Groups on Age Friendly Environments and Innovative Business Models for olders care and Aging2.0 Treviso Chapter Ambassador.

Nicola Contarin

Nicola graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences at the University of Trieste and consequently completed a MSc by Research in Human Geography at the University of Edinburgh (UK). He has lived and worked in several European cities, specialising in the field of urban regeneration and conducting research on themes such as housing and territorial planning and managing projects of sustainable urban development. He now coordinates many of ISRAA’s regional as well as European projects focusing on active ageing, local development and social inclusion.

Francesca Masiero

Francesca holds a bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation, and is currently about to graduate in International Relations at the University of Venice, where she has been specializing on European and global energy-related policies and markets dynamics. Through diverse working experiences within her academic pathway, she has approached the domain of EU project management, that she explored through an Executive Master in 2022. She has recently joined ISRAA as Project Officer and collaborates on diverse EU funded projects focused mainly on social innovation, heatwaves mitigation, age-friendly environments and digital health literacy.

Adele De Stefani

Adele is an anthropologist specialised in medical anthropology. She holds a Ph.D. in Intercultural Humanistic Studies and a postgraduate Master’s degree in International Cooperation and New Citizenship. From 2010 to 2016, she worked in the field of community building, migrants’ social inclusion and health literacy. Between 2017 and 2018, she was involved in asylum seekers’ and refugees’ reception. Since 2019 she has been working at ISRAA as a European project manager, where she is responsible for implementing projects adopting innovative approaches and promoting new perspectives on health, care, and ageing.

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