International Conference Building Sustainable and Participatory Environments

The International Conference Building Sustainable and Participatory Environments was organised by the University of Porto and SHINE 2Europe. It was held on May 7th in Porto.


The conference brought together international experts from areas revolving around SHAFE – Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments – to prioritise societal needs by empowering ecosystems to promote independent living, green behaviors, and inclusive practices. It aimed to connect all stakeholders to build sustainable and participatory environments.


During the conference, attendees delved into social innovation methods that helped people stay engaged in work and social activity, networked online, and acquired skills and means to access information and services. This was seen as a crucial aspect of the digital transformation of society, empowering individuals and providing them with tools for self-management and the pursuit of a more active and healthy lifestyle.


Discussions also covered topics such as climate and environmental resilience, the construction of accessible environments and cities suitable for all ages, and the importance of inclusivity in combating discrimination and promoting a diverse and supportive society. The conference emphasised that economic growth and health go hand in hand, highlighting the significance of bringing innovation to market to address these issues.

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