Insights from the SIRENE Plenary Meeting

The SIRENE consortium gathered on November 22, 2023, for its Plenary Meeting, setting the stage for an ambitious Year 2. The meeting was organised around Work Packages and addressed critical objectives integral to the project’s success.

The session kicked off with insightful pitches delving into the components of the Social Innovation Framework. Presentations included the Manual (AFE), Good Practices Blueprint (ISRAA), Hands-on toolkit for networking and exchanges (ECHA), Capacity-building framework (ECHA), Sustainability strategy (AFE), Repository (TEC), and the SIRENE Expert Hub (SHINE). A plenary discussion followed, emphasising integration and validation strategies, a cornerstone for the project’s efficacy.

Attention then shifted to activating the co-creation network. Participants outlined a comprehensive plan for engaging ecosystems, focusing on future activities and steps toward achieving sustainability. Engaging presentations paved the way for a plenary discussion.

The third segment covered strategically planned Roadshows (ISRAA), Video Pills, Science Cafés (TEC/F6S) and other capacity-building activities. The focus was on preparation and a agreement on timelines, ensuring the smooth conduction of planned activities in the second year of the project.

Discussion around the WP4 Outreach, Engagement, and Sustainability included the Workshop on Key Exploitable Results, underscoring the tangible impact SIRENE aims to achieve. The meeting concluded with a wrap-up, setting the tone for the significant achievements the consortium intends to make in the coming year.

The roadmap for Year 2 is set, and the journey promises to be one of exploration, collaboration, and the actualisation of SIRENE’s vision for a smarter, healthier, and more age-friendly Europe. Stay tuned for the unfolding chapters of SIRENE’s transformative journey!

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