First SIRENE Ecosystems Workshop

1st Ecosystems Workshop

The SIRENE project provides support measures towards set – up, establishment, and expansion of ecosystems with stakeholders from all relevant areas for eco-friendly environments, including innovation actors, social entrepreneurs, citizens, caregivers, and community leaders.

The 1st SIRENE Ecosystems Workshop, held on 11th of January 2024, focused on introducing these support measures provided by the SIRENE consortium to our ecosystem of stakeholders. 

Andy Bleaden, Community Director at ECHAlliance – The Global Health Connector shared his valuable insights on Developing a Digital Health Ecosystem and a network of Geographic & Thematic Ecosystems, based on the ECHAlliance long experience and expertise. 

Our support measures address the following needs:

To effectively address the different needs of Experts and Ecosystems, SIRENE project provides targeted support measures.

3 levels of support:

  1. Expert workshops
  2. Group workshops
  3. One-to-One meetings


Level 1 – Experts Workshops

Expert workshops will target all ecosystems, on topics that are of mutual interest for all of them

  1. How to arrange a Twinning? – April 2024
  2. Thematic Innovation Ecosystems: TIE Housing and Health – May 2024
  3. Value-based model in healthcare – July 2024
  4. Digitalization of an ecosystem – September 2024
  5. Impact assessment and social innovation framework – September 2024
  6. Communicating common objectives and activities – October 2024


Level 2 – Group Workshops

Group workshops will target ecosystems based on their level of advancement and activity, on topics that are aligned with their status

  1. Learning from the best: Establishing an ecosystem – February 2024
  2. Networking: Learning the basics for enlarging your ecosystem – March 2024
  3. Connecting social innovation with technical and business innovation – May 2024
  4. Learning from the best: Expanding your ecosystem – June 2024


Level 3 – One-to-One meetings

One to one meetings will offer the possibility for personalized consultation, in-depth analysis of needs and tailored solutions

  1. Express your interest for this service, sending us an email at ( &
  2. We will come back to you, to arrange a bilateral call, discuss your ecosystem’s status and plans, and support your next steps!
  3. We will then follow up with you, sharing practical recommendations for your ecosystem.

Want to benefit from our support measures for the set-up, establishment or expansion of your ecosystem? Then follow us on social media and stay tuned, or directly contact us ( &

In case you missed the 1st SIRENE Ecosystems Workshop, you can watch in by clicking on the video below.

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