Exploring Synergies for a Brighter Future: SIRENE and DigitalHealthUptake Join Forces

SIRENE and DigitalHealthUptake synergies

The SIRENE project recently joined forces with DigitalHealthUptake (DHU) project in a meeting that unveiled the vast potential of their shared objectives. DHU, backed by the European Commission, is a driving force dedicated to advancing the uptake of digital health solutions and services across the European continent. Their mission: to harmonize policies, strategies, instruments, and activities closely aligns with the vision of SIRENE – fostering innovation and well-being within Europe.

In this constructive rendezvous, both projects dug deep to unearth promising avenues for collaboration. The result was a resounding agreement, encompassing activities that underscore mutual support. Both projects pledged to actively promote and share the achievements of their counterpart. Additionally, they’ve embarked on the journey of co-authoring an article that will showcase their combined efforts, slated for publication on their respective websites.

This meeting marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, one that promises to shape the landscape of innovation, social well-being, and sustainability throughout Europe. As SIRENE and DHU merge their substantial expertise and resources, they stand ready to tackle the challenges of our rapidly evolving digital era, illuminating the path to a brighter and healthier future. Stay tuned for a captivating journey of cooperation, destined to generate exciting updates.

More information about the DigitalHealthUptake project can be found below:

DigitalHealthUptake (DHU) is a European initiative that aims to facilitate the alignment of policies, strategies, instruments and activities to advance the uptake of digital health solutions and services in Europe. It is funded by the European Commission until October 2024 under the Digital Europe Programme. The work of DHU is grouped under three key aspects: RADAR, KNOWLEDGE COMMUNITY and ACCELERATOR:

DHU RADAR: discover and learn about digital health innovations in Europe, submit your own innovations and experiences, and connect with owners and users of digital health innovations.

DHU KNOWLEDGE COMMUNITY: Linking existing and creating new digital health knowledge in Europe and participate in dedicated events and engagement opportunities.

DHU ACCELERATOR: Supporting implementation, scaling up, and knowledge exchange around digital health practices among European stakeholders through adoption twinnings

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