ECHAlliance is a multi-stakeholder international organization, facilitating connection and knowledge exchange among the players engaged in digital health innovation and deployment, driving sustainable change and disruption in the delivery of health and social care. Working in Europe and beyond, its community gathers 900+ member organizations and reaches out to a network of 22.500+ experts among governments, health & social care providers, leading companies and start-ups, researchers, insurances, patient organizations, citizens and investors. ECHAlliance facilitates the creation of local, regional and national digital health ecosystems which components gather in regular meetings.

Furthermore, it organizes key international events (e.g. Digital Health and Wellness Summit in the Mobile World Congress 4YFN) among others. In addition, the Digital Health Observatory (DHO) and the Digital Health Society (DHS), powered by ECHA, are key vehicles to encourage the transfer of lessons learnt and good practices. ECHA is the key leader of the support measures towards stakeholders and will leverage on its network for the selection and set-up of SIRENE’s ecosystems.

Karolina Mackiewicz

Karolina Mackiewicz (MA Political Sciences, MA Futures Studies) has over 12 years of professional experience in international projects in the area of health and wellbeing.

She worked for the WHO European Healthy Cities network, leading the WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Health in the Baltic Sea Region, and the Development Manager at MyData Global – an international non-for-profit advocating for a human-centric approach to personal data. When it comes to digital health, she is especially interested in how technology and data can support the sustainable health systems of tomorrow, health literacy and socio-economic determinants of health.

Karolina has developed and led numerous international projects and cooperated with the EC, OECD, World Bank and other key regional and national stakeholders.

Her professional mission is to bring bridges between the different sectors for a more just and sustainable future.

Dimitris Georgoulis

Dimitris Georgoulis holds master’s degrees in International Development and Business Administration and bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He is a mental health expert, licensed psychologist, and certified coach.

Dimitris has gained managerial experience working for various organizations, including international NGOs, corporations, and EU agencies. His experience in diverse environments and projects, including EU funded projects, corporate R&D projects, humanitarian aid, and people management has helped him gain important stakeholders’ management insights and networking skills.

When it comes to digital health, Dimitris is particularly interested in digital and AI applications in the fields of mental health, neurology, cognitive skills and memory, ageing and wellness promotion.

Federica Porcu

Federica Porcu is an Innovation Project Manager with a strong background in European projects focused on scientific research and innovative technologies.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a Master’s degree in Innovation Management. 

Her professional career began in 2014, working as a Research Analyst and Communication Officer for a spin-off from the Open University of Catalunya. During this time, she conducted several studies for the European Commission and its agencies, including DG CONNECT, DG RTD, EACEA, and EIGE.

In 2021, Federica was awarded a Fulbright scholarship and moved to San Francisco to study the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem and open innovation processes in-depth. She worked as an Innovation Advisor at Mind the Bridge, a global open innovation platform that facilitates collaboration between corporates, startups, and open innovation ecosystems. 

As a member of the ECHAlliance Innovation Team, Federica is responsible for the communication, dissemination, and exploitation of EU projects.

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