Designing the Ideal Neighbourhood: SIRENE Collaborates with New European Bauhaus Festival

We are delighted to announce that SIRENE is collaborating in the organisation of an innovative workshop for the New European Bauhaus Festival, scheduled for April 9th from 14:00 to 16:00 Central European Time.

This workshop, hosted by the SHAFE Foundation, will offer an interactive session aimed at designing the perfect neighbourhood for the New European Bauhaus. SIRENE partners SHINE2Europe and AFEdemy have partnered with NET4Age-Friendly, and AFECO project to create a dynamic event where participants from diverse backgrounds will work together to envision the ultimate inclusive neighbourhood.

Moderated by SHAFE founders Carina Dantas (SHINE) and Willeke Van Staalduinen (AFEdemy), the session will focus on the SHAFE approach – Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments. This approach, pioneered through the COST Action NET4Age-Friendly, boasts over 700 members in 51 countries.

To guide the design process, participants will be introduced to the Garcia family, a typical middle-class European family facing various challenges such as cognitive decline, mobility issues, and mental health concerns. Their new home in the New European Bauhaus will serve as the canvas for participants to brainstorm solutions aimed at enhancing the family’s well-being and quality of life.

Drawing on years of co-creation work with citizens on smart, sustainable, and inclusive environments, SHAFE has developed personas like the Garcia family to represent the diverse European population. During the workshop, participants will explore inspiring examples of the New European Bauhaus and select the most impactful solutions to accommodate the needs of the Garcia family.

The outcomes of the workshop, including a White Paper featuring text, drawings, and images of best practices, will be published within two weeks of the event.

If you’re passionate about shaping the future of urban living, we invite you to join us in this exciting workshop. Secure your spot by registering here.

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