Building Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments: Insights from SIRENE and URBANAGE Joint Webinar

In a collaborative effort, the SIRENE and URBANAGE projects recently hosted a joint webinar on December 5th, 11:30 CET, delving into the intricacies of “How to Build Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments.” This webinar, a convergence of expertise and insights, aimed to address barriers, establish contexts, and share practical cases related to creating environments that cater to the well-being of older individuals.

Agenda Highlights:

  1. Introduction by Silvia Urra (TECNALIA): The session commenced with a warm welcome from Silvia Urra, setting the stage for a constructive exchange of ideas.

  2. Understanding Barriers: The audience actively participated in identifying and discussing the barriers encountered in the implementation of Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE). This interactive session shed light on challenges faced by different stakeholders.

  3. Context Setting by Carina Dantas (SIRENE, SHINE2EU): Carina Dantas, the coordinator of SIRENE, provided a comprehensive overview of SHAFE environments. Establishing the context, she highlighted the importance of these environments, emphasizing their role in enhancing the quality of life for older individuals.

  4. Addressing Older People’s Needs by Marine Luc (URBANAGE, AGE PLATFORM): Marine Luc from URBANAGE and AGE PLATFORM delved into the specific needs of older people in the context of SHAFE environments. This segment emphasized a user-centric approach to ensure the effectiveness of age-friendly initiatives.

  5. Practical Case from Flanders by Jurgen Silence (URBANAGE, AIV): Jurgen Silence, representing URBANAGE and AIV, presented a practical case study on the implementation of SHAFE in the region of Flanders. This real-world example showcased tangible outcomes and lessons learned from the field.

  6. Panel Discussion: A dynamic panel discussion brought together the speakers, allowing for a deeper exploration of the nuances involved in building Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments. This session encouraged diverse perspectives and collaborative insights.

  7. Q&A Session: The webinar concluded with an engaging question-and-answer session, providing participants with an opportunity to seek clarification, share thoughts, and further enrich the dialogue.

This joint webinar was a pivotal moment for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and advancing the understanding of how to create environments that promote healthy aging. The SIRENE and URBANAGE projects, through this collaborative effort, aim to contribute to the development of innovative and inclusive solutions for the well-being of our aging population.

Those who missed the live event can see the recording on the link below.

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