Announcing the 7th SIRENE Expert Hub Workshop

We are excited to announce the Seventh Expert Hub Workshop of the SIRENE (Social Innovation Responsive Environments Network) project, scheduled for June 14th, 2024, at 2pm CET. This workshop will bring together key stakeholders and experts to discuss critical updates and advancements in the field of social innovation for Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE).

Objectives of the Meeting:

  • Discussion and voting on the amendments to the Social Innovation (SI) Framework components.
  • Updates on new opportunities to support ecosystems.
    Insights on the upcoming final event.

Workshop Agenda:

14:00 – ISRAA – Welcome, presentation, and feedback from SIRENE national events Presentation
14:15 – AFEdemy – Presentation of the SI Framework and its components Presentation
14:30 – AFEdemy – Discussion of the amendments and voting Discussion
15:00 – Tecnalia – Feedback from the 2nd online validation round Presentation
15:10 – ECHA – Measures to support the ecosystems: new opportunities Presentation
15:20 – SHINE – Upcoming: SIRENE final event in Brussels Presentation
15:30 – ISRAA – Conclusion Presentation

oin us as we delve into the significant progress made by the SIRENE project and explore new opportunities to further support our ecosystems. This workshop promises to be an invaluable platform for collaboration and innovation, paving the way for the successful implementation of SHAFE initiatives across Europe.

Don’t miss out on this important event! Register now to secure your spot and contribute to the future of age-friendly environments.

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