A More Sustainable Coimbra: Local Organizations Unite for Environmental Health

SIRENE at Coimbra event

Coimbra witnessed a landmark event as the Joint Session of the OneAquaHealth and GreenerAge projects unfolded. This gathering brought together key local organizations with a shared objective – fostering sustainability within the community. Hosted at the picturesque Old Pumping Station in the city park, the event was a collaboration between the University of Coimbra and SHINE 2Europe.

The initiative, named “OneAquaHealth and GreenerAge: Together for a More Sustainable Coimbra,” aimed to present both projects and facilitate dialogue among significant local stakeholders. OneAquaHealth, a Horizon Europe-funded project coordinated by UC-MARE, focuses on leveraging environmental observations to inform policies related to aquatic ecosystems and human health in urban settings.

SHINE 2Europe conducted a multiplier event for its GreenerAge project, funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ program. GreenerAge targets the environmental literacy of adults over 55, encouraging sustainable behaviors and promoting active citizenship.

The session, introduced by Maria João Feio from MARE and Carina Dantas from SHINE, delved into the initiatives’ details and expectations. Carina Dantas highlighted NET4Age-Friendly and SIRENE as promoters of the SHAFE approach. The event also introduced the NewEcoSmart and GUARDIANS projects, contributing to a more sustainable future.

The presentations led to a vibrant debate on synergies and collaborations, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts toward a sustainable Coimbra. The Coimbra Local Alliance of OneAquaHealth, open to partners contributing to health, urban aquatic ecosystems, and citizen well-being, invites interested organizations to join the initiative.

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